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Ever wondered how to do AB Split testing?

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AB Split Testing

Ever wondered how to do AB Split testing?


A/B split testing is not on most SEOs mind these days, its usually reserved for Conversion Specialists, in reality its simple enough for SEOs to understand - basically its the art and science of changing things on landing pages to increase conversions (bring in more money).


KISSmetrics an ecommerce analytics SaaS company posted an article that covers most of the different things you can test on your own landing pages to try and increase conversions.


You can’t take other people’s results and replicate it - because every niche is different, you have different audiences who act differently to different phrases, images, fonts and colours.


So, to be effective at Conversion Optimization you have to test everything, to help you along you should go over to KISSmetrics post on the stuff to get a head start.

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