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Sales Personal Assistant Services

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Support to maximise your sales potential. 

  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales person promotion
  • Sales professional support services
  • Advert writing and placement

  • Promotional direct mail drops
  • Sales preparation – including background research
  • Contract writing

  • Database management and marketing
  • Email management and marketing
  • Diary management
  • Sales merchandising

Delegate workload and responsibilities to our Sales PA team, giving you more bandwidth to sell.

Total Connect offer on demand support services to sales people to free up your time to sell more and work more efficiently. Our Sales PA specialists will take care of all your background sales administrative tasks.

As with any business, yours is unique in many ways. At Total Connect we realise this. We are able to adjust our service to suit your specific needs in order to help grow your business. Either in services provided, hours and periods of time required or to focus on unique projects you may be working on.

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About Total Connect

We provide sales and marketing support to enable sales professionals to maximise their sales opportunities.

We promote sales people and product offers, reach prospects, qualify leads, and convert sales.

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